Sunday, 11 January 2015

How to efficiently use paint coats for anti slip treatment?

Anti slip treatment needs to be implemented on those surfaces that are quite slippery in nature and can cause a lot of accidents as a result of which unwanted injuries can be gained. This treatment can be of various types, out of which the most effective and powerful one is the application of non-slip painting coats. These coats are quite safer and are also very much cost-effective and thus your main objectives can be fulfilled and that to within a limited budget. You can either create your own anti-slip coats or else can purchase different improved products that are currently available in the market.

These coats are suitable for all surfaces like floors, tiles, patios, decks, garden areas, garages and others. There are a lot of benefits that can be gained from these specialized anti-slip coats and one if the most important ones is that feet trafficking can be properly managed and on the other hand different physical injuries can also be avoided that are quite common on slippery surfaces. Protected ambience can be easily maintained and the overall aesthetic and functional value can also be restored in an effective manner.

You can also clean and mop the surfaces easily and efficiently without any trouble as a result of which you can enjoy a lower maintenance cost. If you are willing to know about the application process of these coats, then you can either search online for checking out the reviews or else can ask any professional expert who has got a better knowledge about the same. This is just like other normal paints and the procedure is also quite simple and easy. You just need to follow certain steps one after another in order to get great success in making the surfaces anti-slippery in nature.

How to apply specialized paint coats for anti slip treatment?
  • If you have purchased ready-to-mix solution for quickest anti slip treatment, then you need to follow the detailed instructions that are being provided by the manufacturers. This will definitely help you to get desirable results.
  • You can use spray bottles in this purpose so that the paints can be easily distributed or applied on the surfaces without any hazards.
  • But before that, you need to prepare the paints by mixing up water and TSP powder. TSP powder is a special kind of powder which includes anti-slip properties and thus when the mixture is being mixed up with paints, the paints will also develop the same quality.
  • After mixing up the solution with the paint, you need to fill up the solution within a spray bottle so that you can easily apply the same. If you think that single coat is not sufficient, then you can definitely go for multiple coats for thickening the surfaces as a result of which the safety and protection level also increases to a greater extent.
  • You can also use other necessary painting tools for applying the coats evenly over the surfaces.
  • After application of the coats, you need to leave the surfaces for at least 15 to 20 minutes in open air so that the surfaces can get dried up.

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