Monday, 13 April 2015

Major Steps For Creating Bamboo Flooring in Adelaide

Bamboo flooring in Adelaide is now regarded as one of the perfect flooring choices for all people. One of the main reasons for choosing this kind of flooring is that it is quite eco-friendly and thus can be recycled again and again. On the other hand, proper hygienic condition can be maintained by means of preventing unwanted pollution.

This kind of attractive and lustrous floors can be created after processing the bamboo leaves. This process is a mechanical process and it takes a lot of time. There is a long procedure for creating bamboo floors and if you are quite interested in knowing the same, then in that case you need to check out the online based reviews.

The Procedure for creating bamboo flooring in Adelaide
  • Harvesting bamboo grass is the first step for creating bamboo flooring in Adelaide. In this phase, you need to keep a keen watch on the quality and growth of the bamboo grasses so that standard bamboo floors can be created from the same. You need to be very much concentrated during the curing process as in most of the cases the bamboos tend to be cracked at the concerned time. Harvesting of bamboos usually begins during the winter due to lower moisture. If the harvesting stage can be properly taken care, then you can get the opportunity of using the best-grown bamboos for creating your floors.
  • After the stage of harvesting is over, you need to put special efforts so that the grass form can be converted into bamboos otherwise flooring is not possible. This is quite a hectic process and involves a lot of advanced technicalities and thus you must be fully concentrated towards the same. Green colored bamboo hull is usually removed so that stalk can be properly cut in the form of fillets. Natural sugar, starches and moisture need to be removed from these durable strips and for that you need to make them dry completely. In this case, the strips must be boiled and then dried in order to boost up the strength of the same. This will help in retaining of completely natural color of the floors and on the other hand, they are being thoroughly inspected so that the actual strength can be detected.
  • These strips are being processed in a proper way so that the strips can be easily converted into hard bamboos. Trimming and milking is considered as the most important aspects for the processing of bamboo strips, bamboo materials are very much nature-friendly as a result of which you can utilize the same in creating your floors without any hazards. There are certain technically skilled patterns that are being implemented in order to weave thin bamboo strands so that they can be easily compressed with resin for creating beautiful flooring. This kind of flooring will be quite durable and string, scratch resisting, and UV and moisture resisting in nature and thus longevity of the floors can be effectively ensured.
  • After this, the flooring type needs to be determined or decided. There are mainly two types of bamboo flooring and that on a wider sense. One is horizontal and another is vertical flooring. If narrow strips are being glued together, then vertical flooring can be created but if the broader strip surfaces are glued together, horizontal floors are to be created. It is your choice at the ends of the day and thus you must make selection of the best type that perfectly suits your requirements, necessities, preferences and affordability. The horizontal ones are quite facilitating for adding both style and thickness to the floors. In fact, the floors can also be easily laminated that can increase the moisture resisting capacity and strength of the floors.
  • After this stage, milling of bamboo boards takes place. This is regarded as one of the most important and efficient stages that can help in protecting the bamboo floors from different kinds of unwanted hazards. Since the floors will face huge feet-trafficking throughout the day, therefore you must adopt some special steps with the implementation of which the polishing and texture of the floors can be easily protected. In this case, specialized coats of aluminum oxides are being installed so that the strength and durability of the floors can be increased on one hand and on the other hand shine remains the same for a long time. Daily-use damages can be easily prevented and you can get a completely smooth and fine texture.
  • Quality check is the final stage of creating bamboo floors when the experts conduct different techniques in order to judge the actual quality and standard of the floors. In this case, a perfect gluing process needs to be conducted where you must use high-quality addictives on the floors so that a proper finishing touch can be added to the floors. This finishing touch is really quite useful in maintaining the bamboo floors in the long run.

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