Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Timber Flooring Adelaide: The Popular Flooring Option in Adelaide

Few years back, timber flooring in Adelaide was the most popular flooring option that the homeowners were left with. With the passage of time, synthetic materials for making the floors became a considerable option. Wood flooring took a backseat since many started relying on the synthetic flooring including the use of tiles and carpets. However, now wood flooring is again gaining ground. It is finding favour with customers since the natural look of the timber flooring is very appealing. But then, most of the times the users are not aware which timber flooring to use since timber flooring is made up of varied kinds of timber. Flooring can be made with distinct kinds of timber and a lot depends on the personal preference.

Varied kinds of timber flooring in Adelaide 
You can opt for the oak timber flooring in Adelaide. It has rich looks to add to the beauty of the home. However, you can get timber flooring installation in various other materials like the Victorian ash, bamboo, Ironwood, cedar and Jarra. You need to consider all the available options before taking a decision. The choice of flooring is very important to uplift the looks of the room. Besides the material, you have to carefully consider the way the timber flooring is installed. Homeowners can choose the floating floors installation which may be installed on the existing floor. You can install it on the floor comprised of particle board, concrete boards, tiles and several other materials. The timber floor requires the underlay to avoid the noises.

What is the structural timber flooring Adelaide? 
Structural timber flooring is another option of timber flooring. The installation of structural flooring needs to be entrusted to the professionals for precision. Here the material of the timber is the oak that needs seasoning prior to the installation work. The fixing of the timber flooring is done with joints and bearers.

Different styles of timber flooring in Adelaide 
Timber flooring comes in variety of styles. The installation is also comparatively easy. You have the option of tongue, parquetry, direct sticking and also the groove flooring. The main benefit that the homeowners reap here is that the floor can be installed in the pattern which suits them. Some homeowners prefer the tongue arrangement together with the groove one. This keeps the flooring together even if you have to nail them down finally. However, you can choose the direct sticking floor which requires the sticking of floor straight upon the slab of the concrete. With respect to the timber flooring, there are varied options and this is responsible for the great happiness of the homeowners. Spend some amount of time to study the varied options available. Make a comparative study to determine the most suitable timber flooring.

After deciding the type of timber flooring in Adelaide, you have to determine whether you will carry out the installation manually or you will hire professionals. Easy-to-install timber flooring installation can be done by self. Timber flooring is extremely durable and adds to the overall appeal of the house. It is also the greener way of floor installation. Timber flooring can keep you and your family healthy.

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