Thursday, 27 August 2015

A Seamless Move to Your New Workplace

Moving the site of your business is usually an indication that things are going well and you are able to expand. However, the move itself needs plenty of consideration and organisation if you are going to be able to fluidly transition the business from one place to another. It can all come around so quickly, so keep in mind all the things on the ‘to do’ list when you are looking for Melbourne properties for sale.

As soon as you find your new place, start spreading the word to your existing and new clients. Of course, when it becomes official that you are moved in to the new premises you will want to make some sort of formal announcement, complete with a website change , but it doesn’t hurt to start getting the news out there as soon as things are confirmed. You will want to emphasise your change of address in as many formats as possible so that it really sinks in. For example, perhaps add a note at the end of letters, or in your email signature. A company newsletter is another fantastic communication channel. You want to make the move as inconvenient as possible for your clients, so think about maybe attaching a map that shows them the route from your old office.