Monday, 23 May 2016

Guidelines for Choosing Bamboo Flooring

There’re a lot of reasons because of which bamboo flooring is soft as compared to others and because of which it is used by people in Adelaide. It needs to be made of Moso species for achieving the required hardness and it should be at least 5 years before harvest. You shouldn’t settle for something less than this. The ultimate hardness of the bamboo is archived when the 7 years old wood is harvested.

There’re a couple of manufacturing techniques that make the floor soft. One such technique is carbonisation. It usually refers to the process of heating which changes bamboo into an amber colour.

It also helps in lowering the Janka rating of the bamboo. Janka rating is a rating which is globally accepted ratings scale used for measuring hardness of the floor. The bamboo floor would scratch as the bonding materials between the fibres of the bamboo are not as strong as the lines in the older wood.

•    The Janka rating of the traditional bamboo flooring is between 1300-1600 pounds, the pressure on Janka rating. For durable and long-lasting floor woven strands bamboo with an aluminium oxide multi layers finish is suggested for a high rating in Adelaide.
•    For instance, the premium green, morning star’s strands bamboo as well as Build Direct Yanchi brand provides strands bamboo with three thousand Janka rating. It costs much lesser than the quality floor but a sensible person would always pay for it first. He would know that paying later on would cost him a lot of money.
•    If you would opt for the prime products such as those listed in the list above you need not bother. The natural bamboo is very light in shade. In case you wish to get a more durable floor and light shade flooring, then you may go for the lightest shade of bamboo. The natural bamboo flooring comes in planks.
•    You may simply install the planks by either gluing them or nailing them. In case you like natural finish but want to have a dark shade then you may go for the stained ones. For achieving dark shade, natural bamboo plank is stained with various shades so that you are able to achieve strength of a natural wood as well as the colour you want.

You may see that a lot of thick and fine lines would be there in the floor. In the grain bamboos which are horizontal you may see very fine and long lines in vertical grains bamboo with a lot of interesting little stripes.

The horizontal pattern

In horizontal pattern, the flat layers of the planks are located above each other and then glued together. In vertical patterns, the long and thick planks are also glued in one layer to each other, improving the very fine nodes of wood.

One of the biggest benefits of the solid Bamboo Flooring in Adelaide is that they’re very strong as compared to the red oak and even very cheap as compared to most of the other hard wood floorings. This kind of floor may even be floated on sub flooring. There’re different types of floorings to choose from. You may take your own time for researching the one which best suits your needs.


Bamboo flooring is a very good option as compared to a lot of other options of floorings. It is cheap and is very good for the house. It stays for a long time and requires minimum maintenance.

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