Thursday, 28 July 2016

Know About the Different Methods of Carpet Cleaning

While you’re spoilt for the options when it comes to choosing a Carpet Cleaning firm for you business or home, it’s quite important to first understand the various types of methods used by various companies of Bundoora. But you also need to know that not all the techniques work that well. 

Different methods of carpet cleaning

v        Hot water extraction method

Commonly called as steam method, hot-water extraction uses high pressured hot-water for agitating the fibres of the rugs and for dissolving the dirt stuck in the rugs. 

Hot- water extraction method typically includes application of an agent on the dirty rug, agitation of the rug with a brush and rinsing. After the cleansing agent settles in the rug for some time, the rug is washed with the help of cleansing equipment for rinsing the agent thoroughly and then it is; left to be dried in a room with the AC on. 

An average size office which has carpeted flooring would usually take more than 2 hours to be cleaned properly and would take minimum 4 hours for drying. Most of the companies advise rugs to be cleaned during the afternoon so that once it’s done, the rug maybe left for drying overnight and the office operation may resume to normal the very next morning. 

v         Carpet shampooing

This technique was quite popular till the encapsulation technique was introduced. While shampooing the rug it might seem to clean the soiled carpets heavily, the disadvantage of the technology is that it leaves behind a lot of wet foam residue on the rugs which take extremely long to dry, becomes sticky as no rinsing happens and rapid re soiling of the rugs also happens. 

v         Encapsulation

Foam encapsulation employs the synthetic detergents as the base which crystallises into powdered form once it dries. Finally it is brushed or vacuumed while the foam dries post cleaning. 

The foaming encapsulation technique has overshadowed all the other techniques as the former technique employs less water while cleaning and finally results in a short time period for drying as compared to shampooing. 

This technique has got a lot of appreciation by people who are in favour of employing eco-friendly products as there’s lesser chemicals residue left after the cleaning as compared to shampooing.

Even though this method has achieved good results, this method used by any carpet cleaning Bundoora company hasn’t been able to clean the heavy soiled rugs thoroughly due to limitation of technology in Bundoora

v         Bonnet cleaning

This technique produces a good surface result since the process includes cleaning the topmost part of the rug with the help of heavy duty machine which has a spinning pad which is immerse with the solution for absorbing dirt from the surface of the rugs. 

Bonneting technique of carpet cleaning is quite popular in hotels as it would offer you a quick solution for cleaning the rugs in the heavy traffic areas which need the rugs to be cleaned without any moisture and may also dry quickly for preventing inconvenience to the guests of Bundoora.


There are different methods of carpet cleaning which are used by the professionals from Bundoora for cleaning the rugs. But it is important to know which technique would suit your rugs.

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