Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Car Servicing Cheltenham in Winters

Car Servicing Cheltenham in winters could be quite different from car servicing during summers. Thus, you need to look for the car servicing company, according to the weather. The extremes of weather can be experienced in UK during winters & your car needs to be prepared for such circumstances. The low temperatures like that experienced in England in the year 1982 of less than 26C. Another instance of extremely low temperature was experienced in England in 1962.
The cold temperatures might be the primary cause of stress on the mechanics of your car. Your car’s battery needs to be checked properly before the winter start as it would be experiencing greater load caused by employing electricity in dark evenings as well as mornings.

Some of the jump leads which are stored in the car are a very good idea since your car’s battery might give up any time. The huge moisture during winters, along with low temperature can lead to a very tiny amount of consistent and current leakage from the batteries, & it’s worth completely greasing vehicle’s terminals & keeping them absolutely clean for preventing corrosion.

An Efficient Car Servicing Cheltenham Company would also verify the strength of the battery that needs to be in good condition. The modern day Calcium Silver batter provides much better cold beginning performance rather than the old Lead Acid batteries.

Significance of Car Servicing Cheltenham
  • Antifreeze is the most significant element for preparing a vehicle for the winters. Water in the coolant system of the engine of a car might freeze in low temperatures & this might crack the blocked engine.
  • Antifreeze prevents this kind of situation from occurring & is mixed generally in a proportion of 50/50 with the deionized water. This protects the car’s engine by bringing it down to a temp of -34C, and thus prevents it from any issue during the British winters.
  • Antifreeze also safeguards the corrosion of engine & provides water pump lubrication, even though this type of effect lessens with time, which means that the standardised green antifreeze needs to be changed once in every 2 years.
  • A new type of antifreeze is the red or orange liquid which contains the Organic Acids & should not be mixed with its Green counterpart. This kind of antifreeze would last for almost five years.
Tyres are also a significant aspect to look for in a vehicle, since the wet weather conditions need great depth of treads for optimum-braking. The min legal limits for tread depths in the UK are about 1.6mm in the medium 3 quarters of the tires.

The correct tyres pressure is another aspect which affects the performance of the tyre greatly & needs to be verified every few weeks. Another important thing which needs to be remembered is to verify your spare tyres, as this might often be overlooked by the vehicle owners.

Lastly a good winter’s car service would not over look your wipers, lights & washers which are all very crucial for your safety during winters. Thus, you need to carefully look for a Car Servicing Cheltenham so that they can repair your car.

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