Thursday, 12 June 2014

SEO in Melbourne: Having your cake and eating it too!

Companies and organisations across Melbourne are using SEO to promote their business. However, many wonder what SEO actually is, and why it is important for business. If you think of SEO as the icing on a cake, a clearer sense of what it is gained. Like your business, a cake needs the essential and basic ingredients to lift off the ground. However, the icing and decorations on the cake are what people admire about it. SEO works in helping a site gain its popularity and it is in this way that SEO help a Melbourne business to thrive. By utilising SEO, greater flourishes are added to the cake.

In more technical terms, SEO is used to improve the position of a business on Google, the closer to the top a Melbourne business is, the more likely Melbournians are to use it.  It is in this way that SEO gives a business more credibility. It creates the mindset in the online searcher of, “If it is at the top of Google it must be good!”  The website on top is the equivalent to the cherry on top.  There are ways this can be made faulty though, through good SEO and bad SEO. It is important for a Melbourne business owner to know the difference so that they do not get caught up in the negative outcomes of bad SEO.

SEO can be divided into the two terms: 'White Hat SEO' and 'Black Hat SEO'. White Hat SEO is legitimate and credible links created by Melbourne companies, such as Zib Media to direct people to a certain site. It promotes the site so other online uses are directed to it, feeding constantly off this interactivity.  Black Hat SEO is false, illegitimate links created by machines in an attempt to trick Google into thinking a greater number of people are accessing a website than what they actually are.

The good news is that search engines such as Google and Bing have created algorithms which they are constantly improving and advancing in order to identify the good SEO from the bad. It is not easy to outdo the great minds working behind the scenes of these highly technologically advanced online systems.   

So, even though some may think they are outsmarting those using the internet and search engines, they are not. In fact, those who are using black hat techniques are usually only looking for a short term gain, and not a long term business plan.This is why using White Hat SEO’s are important for a business in Melbourne today.
To hire a reputable SEO company in Melbourne that utilise White Hat techniques, call Zib Media on 8685 9290.

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