Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Anti Slip Treatment With Vinyl Flooring To Avoid Major Accidents

Several companies across UK offer anti slip treatment to both public and private clients with a range of sustainable new solutions that help in maintaining and refurbishing problem flooring at a price which is just the fraction of price you need to pay for a complete renewal. You can get the new surfaces installed in a variety of colour options for damaged and old flooring and even materials of corporate branding without any need for complete replacement while turning unsightly and unsafe surfaces into safer ones. Such treatment with vinyl flooring can help acquire anti mark floors and may turn out to be cost effective solutions to last for ages. The treatment also includes a repair of existing floors and carpet maintenance such that they last longer and become slip-resistant. This will save the replacement cost and will also cause minimum disruption to the usual working environment while saving the company’s downtime costs. Besides cost benefit, you can even attain safer floors such that there is no falling upon the stairs or floors which might cause serious injury to prevent an individual from accomplishing daily tasks.

A variety of anti-slip treatment for floors 
When it comes to anti-slip treatment, there are a variety of options. You can choose ash wood flooring, Alicante carpet, aubergine carpet and even textured anti-slip vinyl flooring. While it is crucial for the floor to look amazingly good, it must also be safe enough to prevent accidents. Among the flooring options mention must be made to stones, tiles, concrete floors that appear fantastic but then there is slip risk associated with them. Anti-slip treatment can be used over flooring such as Terrazzo, Tiles including porcelain, ceramic, quarry and mosaic, reconstituted stones, concrete, brick, stones such as limestone, marble, granite and travertine.

What are the benefits of anti-slip treatment? 
Anti-slip flooring is advantageous for various reasons. The treatment can be applied without impacting the looks of floors. Anti-slip treatment gives immediate slip resistance and the risk of falling and injuries get eliminated. The kind of flooring works in almost every kind of condition such as dry, wet and greasy. Anti-slip treatment may be applied with a great pace such that there is no need to wait for floors to dry. It offers the slip resistant service for around 5 years.

Anti-slip flooring treatments Anti-slip flooring treatment encompasses the following:
  • Micro-etching: this kind of anti-slip makes use of chemical solution to create the microscopic channels in surfaces like porcelain, granite, tiles or other mineral surfaces. Such channels include traction when water percolates into microscopic channels to create anti-slip.
  • Polyurethane coating forms flexible, strong and abrasion and slip-resistant coating having an attractive texture.
  • Penetrating sealers are the seal porous surfaces including tiles, natural stones, pavers against water and stains damage. Great non-slip surfaces can be acquired with this.
  • Anti-slip floors can be easily administered at homes where floor has been laid down already. You can also buy anti-slip floor and get them installed when your home is in the making process. Anti-slip vinyl flooring seems to be a viable option wherever there are old people and children. Children and older people are more prone to falling and serious injuries and so anti-slip floors are a need of the hour.

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