Tuesday, 24 March 2015

How To Conduct Best Sewing on Upholstery Fabric?

Sewing upholstery fabric is a fantastic art and f you are creative enough to do so, then you can decorate your furniture with outstandingly decorated and handmade covers. These covers are usually created for protecting the upholstery items from different unwanted elements like dust, dirt or others. The growth of different infectious elements like moulds and mildews can also be effectively prevented on furniture surfaces. A lot of factors need to be determined while conducting the concerned activity and thus you must consider them all. Some people think that these fabrics are being sewed only for beautification but it is completely a wrong concept.

This is because these fabrics are mainly required for covering and protecting the furniture items. The decorative aspect can be boosted up only of you create outstanding designs on the same. Handmade fabrics for furniture can also save a lot of unwanted expenses which is wasted in purchasing ready-made ones. The ready-made ones often create a trouble of proper fittings and you will not be able to get proper customization. If you want to get a customized fabric, then nothing can be the best option other than creating the same with your own hands rather than purchasing the same.

You can now use colorful threads for sewing these fabrics so that the overall aesthetic appeal can be easily maintained. These stitches are permanent in nature and thus even after so many washes; they remain intact without any change. If you are intending to have the best design, then you must check out the available options. You can mix and match different colors and designs together so that a perfect blend can be created. You can choose either traditional design or else can go for the modern ones. You can make thorough web research and must get within the valuable online resources from where you can get multiple designing options.

Steps for sewing upholstery fabric 
There are few special steps or tips that must be essentially followed if you are intending to create the most beautiful upholstery fabric. These special steps are as follows:-
  • Raw edges need to be inspected first so that the stitching can be made in a perfect manner without any kind of mess. Jagged edges and frayed spots need to be detected so that accurate stitching line can be maintained within the fabric.
  • You must using machine so that the task can be easily done without any inconveniences. Hand-stitching is quite time-consuming in nature and sometimes can be quite hazardous and this is the reason most of the fellows use only sewing machines for the concerned task.
  • Tension cord of the machine must be properly adjusted or altered in accordance of the stitching requirement so that desirable decorations can be created.
  • Right sides of fabric need to be placed in order to conduct stitching in the most efficient manner. You must put one side after another so that the stitching can be made in a proper and convenient manner without any mistake.
  • Zigzag stitch or serger can be used in case you are conducting the work of stitching on woven fabric.

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