Saturday, 30 May 2015

Have You Considered Aluminium Tread For Your Outdoor Entertainment Area?

Building an outdoor entertainment area complete with different levels is the dream for many Australians. This is viewed as the ultimate extension or renovation which will add value to the home, as well as turning some of your garden into an attractive and usable place to bring guests. In order for your project to be a success, it is essential to consider the safety situation and remember to feature aluminium stair treads in your design.

The type of home that you have will no doubt dictate the design of your courtyard or patio to some extent. Some will match perfectly with a little red brick courtyard while others will demand a modern, sleek timber aesthetic. Both of these materials stand to benefit from the addition of stair grip.
While brick appears to be a very durable material choice, it actually can wear and crumble rather quickly. Brick will endure the elements very well, making it a popular choice for lasting walls. The clay is also very dense and so supports a lot of weight, making it also a great flooring choice.

However, brick steps are not quite as suitable. When people walk down stairs, the foot often lands on the right angle edge of the stair, rather than the flat surface. As this is repeated, the sharp corner of the brick will crumble. The result can be dangerous, especially seeing as outdoor entertaining often involves carrying plates of food and trays of drinks up and down the stairs without looking.

Hardwood or other smooth surface timber can present a danger when wet. Unlike porous brick, coated timber without any sort of groove or grip will mean a slick surface when it comes into contact with water. Some outdoor landscaping includes this kind of timber close to a pool, which is a poor choice. We all know that children coming out of the pool often forget to dry off meaning everything around them gets soaking wet. Aluminium nosing for the stairs will be sure to prevent nasty falls onto a hard surface and near a body of water.

One thing that no tread or nosing will offer much protection from is grease. Under a barbecue or leading up to a tool shed where the handyman likes to get his hands dirty, stairs could be prone to grease spills. Extra care should be taken to clean up any trace of grease as soon as possible.

At the moment there is no requirement to include nosing and treads in private building projects, although it has recently become mandatory in new public builds. The reason for this change is that the government has realised the dramatic safety advantages of this small feature. While these products make life much easier for the vision impaired, this is far from the only target market. Everyone will experience a safer lifestyle with stair treads in place.

In public places, there are rules in place which insist that nosing must be of a contrasting luminance so that it stands out. In your own home, you are once again exempt from these rules and can do as you wish. Of course, a contrasting colour will increase visibility and overall safety, however it is not as necessary as in public spaces, where there are crowds of people. In your situation, your family and guests will be familiar with your nosing. This means that if you wish, this safety feature can be practically invisible. Use a grey tread on a concrete step and you will barely notice it is there though will enjoy fewer slips and greater peace of mind.

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