Saturday, 30 May 2015

Never Worry About OH&S for Your Hospital Floors Again

There is a reliable and affordable anti slip floor treatment available that greatly minimises slipping hazards. In the medical workplace setting, it is especially important to take extra precautions when it comes to safety. Hospitals are places of protection and security, and so it is crucial that employees, patients and visitors feel at ease.

In order to maintain a sterile environment as much as possible, hospital floors are often made of laminate or tiling. These smooth surfaces make cleaning easy, however one of their potential downsides is that they can reduce grip, meaning the falls and slips can happen. After mopping or spills, the situation is especially dangerous. Furthermore, doctors and nurses are forever rushing trying to assist the needy, and so accidents can happen. All it takes is to lose concentration for a minute. With sharp instruments surrounding the weak and injured, a fall is something to be avoided at all costs.

Warning people to slow down and be careful can only go so far, and it is highly recommended that extra precautions are taken to minimise risk wherever possible. Unfortunately, one of the common snit slip treatments is not designed to last over long periods of time. Many common brands are designed to be a protective barrier layer, but will eventually be prone to peeling off. Not only does this peeling obviously minimise the effectiveness of the product, but the uneven floor surface can create a new hazard in itself.

The solution is not to add a layer of anti slip material, but rather to attack the cause of the problem, which is the texture of the tile surface. Now, more modern anti slip treatments have been developed which address all the problems encountered by layer treatments. These new treatments contain a chemical that slowly reacts with the surface of the tile or flooring, actually making it permanently less slippery. There is no residue left over as there can be with the layer treatments, as it works by applying the formula, leaving it for a period of time before washing it off after the reaction is complete.

Only occasional maintenance is required to ensure that this treatment lasts for years and years. Better yet, the original process as well as maintenance work can be completed in a very short space of time, and people can walk on the surface safely again as soon as it has been washed. In a busy hospital setting there is no time for lengthy procedures that take time and space.

Better yet, the treatment lasts especially well if the surface is cleaned regularly. Of course in a hospital setting, cleaning is a top priority. Even under areas of high wear, such as corridors and foyers, the treatment is guaranteed to last for at least five years. While the treatment is primarily designed for minimising slips in dry conditions, it has also proven highly effective in wet conditions as an added bonus. In fact, studies show up to a 75% reduction in slipperiness when moisture is present. There is no doubt that wet conditions are when the majority of accidents occur, so this is an overwhelming advantage.

This chemical treatment is 100% safe for use in medical environments such as hospitals and clinics, and in fact has proven to minimise the build-up of bacteria. Trained professionals will meticulously apply the product in a timely manner to ensure that there is minimal inconvenience, all at a remarkably competitive rate. Please contact Step Solve at to get in touch about the highly effective anti slip floor treatment range.

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