Saturday, 23 May 2015

Protect From Sun in Trendy Way

Blinds are a very effective way blocking the light coming from outside and also to get your privacy. It is obvious one would want their privacy but not in anirregular manner. Blinds can be very helpful and also come in different design and types. One such type is ‘Venetian Blind’.

‘Venetian Blinds’ are a major fad in the society. They come in different types i.e., in polymer, wooden, plastics etc.

Here are some techniques of blind cleaning:

  •  Cleaning it on the spot
  •  Removing it to clean it
  •  Other maintenance services

While cleaning it on the spot, you can use materials like cloth drier, paper towels,cotton cloth, sprays, window cleaners, hair driersand so on.

To clean it withyour hands, follow the steps;
  •  Shut blinds
  •  Use some cotton gloves
  •  If the blind is synthetic polymer or the slats are of metal, you can slightly dampen your glove.
  •  Once done, clean the slats by running your fingers over them.
  •  When done with the front side, apply the same to the opposite side
  •  Keep changing the gloves once in a while to ensure better cleaning.

To clean with a cotton cloth, follow the steps;
  •  Shut the blind
  •  Take a cotton cloth (dampened if necessary)
  •  Once the blinds closed, run the cloth over the slats carefully
  •  Once done with the front side, do the same with the opposite side
  •  After you are done, use a blow drier to dry off the dampness or dry in the sun if required

To clean with a water spray, follow the steps;
  •  Shut the blind
  •  Use gloves for your hands in order to protect them
  •  Fill a spray (plant spray or hair spray) with water and add some detergent to it
  •  Spray the content on the slats starting from the top, thereby cleaning two slats each time
  •  Once done spraying, clean the slats with the cotton cloth
  •  Wipe the slate dry
  •  Once done with the front side, continue the procedure with the opposite side.

If you are cleaning it by removing the blinds, you can use materials like water, detergent, mop, cloth, paper towels and so on

To clean with water and detergent, follow the steps;
  •  Shut the blind close
  •  Follow the instruction and remove the blind according to the instructions
  •  Fill a tub with warm water and add detergent to it
  •  Place the blind in the tub (if it’s not the size of the blind, you can always do part by part)
  •  Once placed, clean it with hands (don’t forget to use gloves for your hands)
  •  Or instead uses cotton cloth to wipe it clean
  •  When done with the front side, apply the same procedure to the opposite side
  •  Once done, leave it to dry in the sun
  •  After drying it, hang it upby following the instructions

To clean it with a mop, follow the procedure;
  •  Shut the blind
  •  Remove the blind following the instruction in the instruction manual
  •  Place the blind on the ground carefully
  •  Once done, spray water with the help of a pipe over the blind
  •  Wait for it to soak
  •  Once done, take a mop and slowly run it over the slats
  •  After the front side, follow the same procedure on the opposite side

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