Monday, 21 July 2014

A Good kind of Audit system for SEO in Melbourne

Hiring an SEO company to audit your website is very much the opposite of getting audited in the real world. The skills that an SEO company can offer a small to medium sized business are numerous. Site audits are the process whereby an SEO specialist forensically examines your website. Site ‘health’ audits focus on areas of potential or existing issues, opportunities and challenges. Some of these include technical problems like hosting, server metrics and caching, onsite content, design and page speeds, links both internal and external, social media and the profiles and links that go along with that, and also other miscellaneous citations.

Website audit steps that formulate this process include a focus on keywords, architectural issues, navigation issues, category page optimization, product page optimization, local off and on site optimization, in and outbound links, content issues, social presence and conversion optimization issues. A Google Ad for ‘SEO Melbourne’ could cost you $52 per click. By hiring an SEO team you can save an enormous amount of time and money. SEO companies know what they are looking for. They can undertake an auditing process very easily, able to identify any bugs in your site straight away.

For instance, a common problem may be that too few files or too many files have been indexed, which both point to issues. For example, if the web site has at least 10,000 files and the search engines report fewer than 300 files indexed, that would suggest there are issues keeping the search engine crawlers from indexing many of the files. On the other hand, if the search engines report far more files indexed than there should be on the site (for example 15,000 files are reported indexed for a site that should only have a couple of thousand files) this suggests there may be duplicate path issues or many old pages have been left up on the site. The problem with keeping old, probably broken, sites live is that they may still be getting indexed. This can be a disaster because you don’t want bad navigation links or out of date information disillusioning potential clients from contacting your business or organisation.

Another ‘no no’ is duplicated content. It’s best not to use the same content that is used on other websites (unless you include “enough” unique content on the page too) or you’ll be competing with all the other sites for rankings. This information is hard to understand and execute, that is why an SEO company can help. They will be able to tell if a page is indexed, checking it in Google’s “text-only” version of the page’s cache and/or one or more page analysers or crawlers. They will compare what is indexed or crawable to the actual page to see if important content is not getting indexed, or if there isn’t an ideal amount of content getting indexed. SEO companies will do this for a good sample of pages, ensuring they have a comprehensive understanding of where your websites’ problems lie.

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