Friday, 25 July 2014

Hiring a specialist SEO consultant in Melbourne vs. DIY online marketing

Creating, and more to the point maintaining, a successful SEO campaign in Melbourne takes a lot of time and patience.

Taking on the burden yourself

Doing your own SEO is obviously going to be a whole lot cheaper than hiring a professional consultancy. For small businesses, this is a major factor, and will likely dictate whether such a decision is even feasible. The learning curve will be steep, and there will be mistakes along the way, but being at the helm will teach you a lot of very important marketing lessons. It will be rewarding to be able to look at a website and know that this is entirely your project, and the successes and failures come down to you. Another clear cut advantage of doing SEO yourself is that you are able to change what isn't working, without getting ensnared in a long term inflexible contract. Plus, by doing it yourself you know for sure that you are motivated to get the best results. Of course, whether this is true for outsourcing depends on the business that you choose, because not all of them are out to get you.

Hiring a professional team

Believe it or not, SEO is actually a highly refined skill. The first problem that many businesses would encounter knows where to start, and even which tactics would be best for their situation. A highly specialized knowledge base, as well as industry tracking and analysis tools are fairly standard resources for a successful online presence. There is no one size fits all answer, and an agency will conduct an in depth analysis of your competition, industry and goals to give you a realistic strategy and starting point. Perhaps more traditional businesses which are not familiar with the complex capabilities of the internet will be most benefited with the assistance of an expert. Revolutionizing a site, and then continuously crafting and uploading fresh content is a time consuming feat. For struggling businesses that are strapped for times but recognize the need to stay in the online game, professional SEO seems like the right choice.

As well as patience, it also takes confidence in what you are doing. Aggressive black hatters have given the industry a bad name, and in an attempt to combat this shady behavior, Google is stricter than ever with its rewards and penalties. That's right, tactics that are deemed wrong can not only fail to improve your rankings, and they can actually drop them. Negative SEO is a very real threat to amateurs trying to keep up with the big players. So if you're thinking that you can just try a few things out until you find one that works, you might want to think again. There is a reason why SEO is such a booming industry, and that is because there is a strong demand for it.

The Decision

SEO is all about obtaining that sought after edge over your competition, and it can be the difference between a sure-fire sale and not even being considered. It all comes down to just how valuable that edge is to your business, and whether it is worth risking with someone less than expert. It would be a shame to see a genius idea go down the drain because a company wasn't willing to dish out a few dollars. If you do outsource, then a lot depends on getting a reputable SEO agency in Melbourne that will do the right thing and get solid results, so trust the team at Zib Media and visit

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