Thursday, 17 July 2014

Qualified electricians companies in Melbourne can assist with looking after your solar panels

So you’ve invested in solar panels and are enjoying the many benefits including a massive decrease in electricity bills. In order to keep your panels working at their optimum efficiency, they need a little bit of maintenance work performed here and there. Specialist electricians teams in Melbourne can offer expert advice as well as perform these skilled tasks. You may have been told that solar panels are ideal because they are entirely maintenance free. It is true that they are definitely low maintenance, but things can always go wrong. As with anything, they should be monitored to ensure everything is in working order. As well as cleaning, solar panels should also be inspected for damage every couple of years.

Solar panels absorb sunlight and convert it into electricity for use around the house. They rely on their large surface area to absorb the most light, and when this is compromised then so is the amount of electricity that you can hope to generate. Did you know that dirty panels can have a reduced efficacy of up to 25%? The available surface area can be negatively impacted by anything from dirt build up to bird droppings. Being situated on you roof, panels are exposed to a range of factors including harsh weather conditions and so will need to be looked after. A thorough cleaning will rid your panels of these kinds of stains and help keep panels working at their peak. If your panels have a visible crack or chip after a storm, or have been hit by a falling branch, then you will certainly want to get a specialist electrician to solve the problem before it gets worse.

Always remember that these are electrical systems, and so safety is a priority. Shut down the system before the panels are cleaned. Unfortunately, some residents seem to think that attacking their panels with a hose jet from the ground is enough to clean them properly. Not only will this not get rid of all the tough grime, it will also risk damaging the panels themselves. This could prove to be a very costly mistake. In reality, a soapy mixture needs to be used that will remove some of the tougher marks.

Correct cleaning also involves actually getting up on the roof and using a bit of elbow grease, rather than just lazily squirting with a hose. This is the dangerous part, as many roofs won’t have safe areas to stand on. Larger solar panels are also likely to have lots of hard to reach areas that will further jeopardise safety, so in these instances it is recommended that a professional be called in. It is essential that a soft squeegee or sponge is used. Even tough marks should never be attacked with abrasive steel wool as this will scratch the surface and damage the panels.

Simple monitoring units can easily be installed which will conveniently keep track of your panels’ performance. A dip in performance would indicate that there is a wiring issue, and so you can call in an electrician to help fix it. This monitor also proves useful in helping the electrician figure out exactly what the problem is, so it is certainly a worthwhile investment. An error message on your inverter means that it is time to ask for an electrician to come and take a look. Most solar panels are covered by long warranties, often around 20 – 30 years, so anything that is going wrong should be covered. Expert electricians businesses in Melbourne such as Twin Electrics and Plumbing will help your panels to get working as good as new, so find them at

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