Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Why your local locksmith team in Adelaide knows that window security is underestimated

A skilled locksmith expert in Adelaide can help you to think like a burglar. Windows are perhaps one of the most tempting entry points into a home in the eyes of a burglar, because they can actually see what is inside. Intruders are free to roam the exterior of your property, carefully peering inside and selecting which room looks like it would contain the most valuables. In cases where windows aren't locked, then all a person has to do is gently lift or slide the glass and grab anything nearby, or even manage to sneak inside.

Sliding or sash windows are slightly more risky to burglars, as they will make a slow groaning noise when they are opened. In saying that, seasoned thieves will have no trouble doing their work while a family lies sleeping. Casement windows, which swivel on a hinge, are much stealthier, so homeowners in houses with this style of window should be extra vigilant in taking precautions. This includes awning or hopper windows, where the hinge is at the top or bottom respectively Locksmith Adelaide. In order to adequately protect your home, the perimeter needs to be totally secured. All it takes is one weak point for a burglar to get in and pilfer through your possessions.

Some people don't see the point in locking windows, as they reason that if a burglar really wanted to break in, then they could simply smash the window and the lock would not be able to do much to stop it. In reality, many robbers will soon give up if they cannot lift or slide the window. It is true that theoretically anyone could shatter a window, but locks are a good deterrent. A burglar with any brain cells at all would realise that such a noise would immediately alert anyone inside and out of their presence. This increases the chance of getting caught significantly.

One of the best deterrents for your window security is sensor lights installed directly above prominent or easily accesible windows. Not only will this activation give the thief a bit of a shock, but it also may be enough to rouse someone sleeping inside. Burglars tend to prefer working under cover of darkness, and so this exposure will make them feel vulnerable and less confident. And for good reason, as this lighting will increase the likelihood that a passer by will spot them and call for help.

Both window locks and window bolts are suitable for most types of windows, although some styles are more visible than others. While locks are a deterrent strategy, that is not to say that you want them to be visible through the window. This will only allow more experienced burglars to find a way of opening certain cheaper models. Another sneaky way to use your windows to your advantage is to slap a home security sticker in a prominent place, even if you don't even have a system. You never know, this quick trick could save you the trouble of a break in.

Window locks are a fundamental requirement of many home insurance policies. For this reason alone, discounting all of the valid security benefits, they are well worth getting. It is no surprise; insurance companies appreciate that homes without window locks are sitting ducks for burglars looking for an easy way in. So if you've decided that it's time to take action, then get in touch with a reliable service. Visit to speak with a professional locksmith provider in Adelaide at Glenelg Locksmiths about what is available to you.

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