Friday, 8 August 2014

Don't underestimate the importance of secure gate locks installed by a qualified locksmith professional in Adelaide

A looming front fence is a great deterrent to thieves, but if your gate is left unlocked then entry to your property is still wide open. In fact, a tall fence could actually work against your safety if your gate is unlocked, as it provides cover from the street on top of free access to your land. In order to effectively reinforce your outer barrier, it is crucial to have a certified locksmith business in Adelaide assess your gate and install the correct hardware.

In this day and age, it is true that to a truly determined thief, an extra padlock here or a deadbolt there is not going to do a whole lot to come between them and your valuables. However, that is certainly not to say that locks have no value, and one of the most effective locks Locksmiths Adelaide is on your front gate. This, surprisingly, is also one area that residents overlook when considering the security of their property. Think about it; if you saw someone picking a lock, you would probably notice. It takes around five minutes even for a slick professional, and anyone crouching beside a lock, with both hands at work is probably not the resident. Thieves are less likely to spend time fiddling with a lock when they are in full view of passers by on the street. In most homes, the gate is a much more visible location when compared to the front door. Of course, picking a lock is not the only way to overcome this obstacle, so you will also want to make your gate unclimbable and impenetrable at being kicked in. Hinges will need to be on the inside in order to avoid someone simply unscrewing them and lifting the gate out of place. An outward opening gate is ideal as it absorbs the force more easily, and there are plenty of styles of gate these days that do not facilitate climbing. Certain tubular fencing styles with speared fittings will increase the risk or being impaled to any thief, but they do not complement every home so the choice is up to you.

It makes sense that people want to lock their front door as this add some layer of protection directly between their bedrooms and the burglar. However, not all of our valuables or treasured possessions are stored in the bedroom, and thieves know that there are other sources where they might just hit the jackpot. Once a thief has waltzed through your gate, they have immediate access to all elements of your property, including your garage, shed and outdoor entertaining area. Your house can be fitted with the most top of the range security system around, but that will do nothing to protect your other areas. Garages are usually stocked full of bikes vehicles and electrical tools, while entertainment areas often house an expensive barbecue or wide screen television.

Your gate is also a great place to place stickers that can help to intimidate thieves. Beware of dog, as well as signs advertising that your home is fitted with a security system are common, and this small step might be enough to make your burglar think twice. If you are thinking about installing a new gate, try to have it flushed to the fence with minimal gaps so that your home is more difficult to scope out beforehand. Robbers don't like surprise. Put yourself in the best possible position by asking for a thorough locksmith assessment in Adelaide to identify any areas for improvement when you contact Knight Locksmiths at

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