Thursday, 21 August 2014

Understanding the local global Melbourne in SEO

Business owners and marketing specialists in SEO Melbourne and beyond, utilize SEO market strategy to find out where they sit online, in relation to the other companies in their field of operation. SEO or Search Engine Optimization determines whether your website lives or dies according to Google. Google almost completely governs the web space; next to other search engines Google has the market monopoly.As a result of this, Google realized that they needed to encourage businesses to continue to engage with the company and thus the development of Google analytic, adwords and Webmaster tools.

So what is Google Analytic? It provides digital analytic for anyone with a web presence, large or small. Below are the reasons Google provides for why we should be using their analytic.

Executives can learn:
-       Which marketing initiatives are most effective
-       Accurate website traffic patterns/trends
-       Which customer and customer segments are most valuable

Marketing Professionals can learn:
-       Where users come from and what do they do on the site
-       How can the website convert more users into customers
-       Which keywords resonate with prospects and lead to conversions
-       Which online ad or creative is the most effective

Content Developers can learn:
-       Where people leave the site
-       Which pages retain users the longest
-       What search terms people use to find the site

Google provides us with a contrast between sociology-technical formations, one represented by transnational corporations and the other by local social actors geographically dispersed but increasingly engaged in the global sphere (Sassen, 2012: 455). What this means for us as users of Google is that the “traditional understandings of… those with power can, and those without power cannot, go global” is flawed (Season, 2012: 456). What Google has done for the small advertiser is bump up their ability to engage with a larger audience. SEO tactics actually privilege the local over the global. An article from the Australian edition of The Guardian on 8 July 2014, describes what happens when small businesses exploit the basic principles of SEO. Natalie Lines writes, “If you're in the mobile phone space or travel, you'll be fighting a losing battle unless you've got a sizeable budget to spend. However, if you're offering a niche product or a service in a defined geographical area, you stand a pretty good chance of at least getting to page one.”

This is a rather considerate approach to understanding the workings of SEO and why it is so important. For a more basic understanding, much of SEO is really just common sense. If you publish your details and remain consistent with your business’s name, address and phone number, users are going to find it easier to navigate to your site not once but on multiple occasions. It goes without saying that you need a local phone number. Make sure you choose an appropriate category(s)for your business and create separate webpages for each location you want to target, while ensuring they are segregated by category, product or service.

There are four main reasons why small local businesses seek the help of specialized SEO companies. The first is to rank on the first page of Google, the second is to attract more visitors to the website, the third is to receive more office or store calls and fourth to convert more visitors to leads and sales. For SEO Services in Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane, give Zib Media a call at their Melbourne office on (03) 8685 9290 or visit their website

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