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How to train as a locksmith Adelaide

If locks and gadgets fascinate you as much as Inspector Gadget himself then perhaps it is time for you to consider becoming a professional Locksmith in Adelaide. According to Master Locksmiths Association of Australasia, “Today's locksmiths go well beyond locks and keys, drawing their business from a variety of sectors, including residential, commercial, government or automotive. As such, the tasks of a locksmith will vary greatly from day-to-day.” The other trade association is called the Locksmiths Guild of Australia (LGA). Both organizations look after their members, ensuring they continue to receive education, advice, representation and training.

So what is a locksmith? They are highly trained security professionals that are responsible for giving as much security to their clients as possible.  This can be through installing new locks on doors and windows, installing electronic locks, installing alarm systems, and installing closed circuit camera systems, as well as devising protection plans for homes and businesses.  A locksmith is also responsible for helping people to gain access to their homes or businesses in times of emergency (when they are locked out, for example), or to restore security after a premises has been broken into etc.

To become a qualified locksmith, you must complete a locksmith apprenticeship. The off the job training associated with the apprenticeship is available through TAFE. Apprentices and trainees are contracted to an employer for the time it takes to gain skills in a trade or vocational area - usually between one and four years.An apprentice Locksmith is involved in a range of tasks, including evaluating security requirements, installing, adjusting, repairing and maintaining locks and related security equipment, making keys and changing lock combinations, and you'll generally work on residential, automotive, commercial and institutional locksets and door hardware.

Some of the locksmith courses available around Australia include: Skills Tech in Queensland, the Sydney Institute of TAFE, NMIT in Victoria and Challenger TAFE in Western Australia. There are a few types of locksmiths certificate programs that cover, automotive locksmiths, residential, commercial and institutional, key duplication and impressionism, lock identification and detention locking systems.

Types of certificates include: Registered locksmith (RL), Certified automotive locksmith (CAL), Certified registered locksmith (CRL), Certified professional locksmith (CPL)Certified Mobile Locksmith Adelaide (CMLA) and Certified master locksmith (CML).

Locksmiths require a security license in order to operate in accordance with South Australian regulations. According to the Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL), a locksmith may be classified as an investigation agent because they are responsible for the repossession of goods and executing court orders. The Association also classifies a locksmith as a security agent because the onus is on them to prevent, detect or investigate offenses in relation to people or property, provide advice on security alarm or surveillance systems, hire out or supply security alarm or surveillance systems and also install or maintain security alarm or surveillance systems.

Becoming a locksmith is a valuable trade qualification that translates into all kinds of industries. The most important aspect to working as a security professional is to maintain the highest level of ethics and moral grounding. According to ASIAL’s code of conduct, “Members shall conduct their activities in a professional and competent manner with respect for the public interest, maintaining the privacy and confidentiality in their dealings, and shall at all times act with integrity in dealing with clients, employees or sub-contractors, past and present, with their fellow Members and with the general public. The objective of the Code is for Members to adopt best practice industry standards.”

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