Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Don't let your prized golf cart get damaged with these helpful tips

We install security systems and locks on our homes, and take precious care of our vehicle, whether it is bike or car. We know very well that these actions are helping to protect our assets; after all we have spent so much money that it makes sense to not let what we have is ruined. Protect your other valuable asset, your golf cart with some Clever Golf Cart Accessories.

A lot of people think that golf cart accessories are just extra novelties that can make a game of golf a lot more fun. While there are some items like this, such as radios and eskies, there are also a number of more practical pieces that can prolong the life of your cart. Cars are completely enclosed, but most golf carts do not have this luxury, and many don't even have a front windshield. This leaves them open to damage from the elements. Protect your cart and the people and possessions inside from the rain with some handy extras. Perhaps the most popular choice is a roll up screen that shelters the cart, creating a wall around it. The great thing about this product is that it can be used when the cart is in use, driving around the course. Some avid golfers might not let a quick shower spoil their fun, and so at least this way the gear in the cart does not get damaged. Alternatively, it is always an option to wait for a shower to pass in the comfort of your vehicle.

Dust covers are also a very worthy investment. These items protect your vehicle while it is in storage, which is likely to be a high percentage of the time as it's not every weekend that you go out golfing. In the shed, there is any number of creepy crawlies that could eat into your cart, or build webs and it could just generally collect a lot of dust. A complete dust cover will both keep your vehicle free from dirt as well as free from any unwanted inhabitants. These covers are also waterproof, making them a great idea for outdoor storage as well.

Seat covers can keep your leather feeling soft and luxurious for many more years, as well as keeping the rain off. You might also want to consider storage trays to keep all of your bits and pieces safely stowed. In the event of a shower, or just from moving between holes to hole, you minimize the risk of something getting lost or damaged. Finally, one of the most popular protective accessories that golf cart owners purchase is specialised hub caps. Not only can these look fantastic, but they also protect the wheels from countless obstacles including mud, grass build up and abrasive sand.

These small preventative measures can go a long way to keeping your golf cart in peak condition, which is especially important when it comes time to sell it in the future. Unfortunately, just like with new cars, the value of a golf cart goes down almost instantly after it is purchased. It is therefore more important than ever to identify ways to improve the resale value. After all, while golf carts are popular with retirees, there will likely come a time when this kind of possession is just not needed any more. Unlike a car, a golf cart is going to be used only a few times per month at most. This means that with a few accessories to prevent serious damage, it will only be a short job to clean it up ready for sale. Get in touch with Rainy Day for all of your worthwhile golf cart accessories at

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