Thursday, 21 August 2014

Updating the styling of your home is simple

Discover a minimalist aesthetic with a talented electrician team in Werribee. If you want an affordable and effective way of updating your kitchen or living room, then many electricians recommend the highly popular switch to down lights.

Many modern homes utilize down lights for their 'barely there' touch. They are able to offer significant amounts of light to any space while not taking up a lot of the ceiling space and not detracting from the rest of the room's styling. The silver surround means that they will complement any color palette, unlike more elaborate hanging lights which create a style of their own. Traditional and more modern spaces both stand to benefit equally for down light installation. That being said, there are some situations where down lights are the clear winner. Simple and understated, these lights are ideal if you want to make a statement of absolute modern, with stark monochromes and one or two pieces of well selected furniture.

Because of this ability to blend in, down lights can also be installed to complement existing lighting. Perhaps you've noticed that the stairwell is a bit dark, or you've installed a new feature which would look great under a single light. Most modern down lights will also be able to be swiveled, meaning you can direct your light more precisely. The fact that down lights don't deman a whole lot of attention makes them perfect in places where extra light is needed for more practical reasons, such as near stairs or in dark corners.

As mentioned earlier, these lights are incredibly compact. They were designed to give the maximum clear light from a compact source. A lot of people just want extra light without the detail and attention that a lot of other lighting options will bring to a space. Because they are a lot smaller, lighting your home is much cheaper than you might expect. A few of these dotted across the ceiling mean that the light is much more evenly spread, and the room will appear brighter than what would result from just a single central light source.

Down lights are flush to the ceiling, meaning they won't trap dust. When you choose LED energy efficient types as well, you will reduce the number of times the bulbs need changing. These two factors combine to make down lights one of the most low maintenance options on the market. For busier households that want style without the fuss, these are a choice not to be overlooked.

Down lights are so popular because they can create a whole new atmosphere without having to change the design of the rest of the room. Pick out elements in your space which you like, and would like to emphasis. Perhaps a feature wall, or a kitchen bench. Then plan your lighting layout around these focal points. Most people evenly spread six or eight down lights across a large room, although for elongated spaces, several in a row can look very effective. 

The big debate in installing down lights is choosing between halogen and LED styles. While the latter are continually improving in technology, they are still not quite as bright as halogen, and therefore a few more will be needed to give the same effect. LED lights are slightly more expensive, but far outweigh their competitors in terms of energy efficiency. This knowledge and more is why it is a good reason to call in an Electrician Point Cook to complete the installation rather than just attacking the problem yourself. For an affordable and very easy way to breathe new life into some big rooms in your home, ask for qualified electrician advice in Werribee from NBL Electrics at

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