Friday, 22 August 2014

A pergola is the perfect addition to any backyard pool

The beauty of pergolas is that they are so versatile. They look equally at home in the middle of an overgrown garden, attached to the side of a house or standing alone and adding a focal point to an otherwise featureless backyard. Increasingly, homeowners are realizing that these shady pergolas manufactured in Adelaide are ideal for lazy summer days beside the pool.

Pool enclosures are not as popular as less obtrusive pool pergolas, because they completely block the sun. Part of the fun of relaxing in a pool in your back yard is that it is outdoors and you are surrounding by nature. You can lie back and enjoy the beautiful Australian summer sun. Adding a roof over the whole thing interferes with this connection with nature, and many people find the experience less enjoyable. A Pergolas Adelaide provides shade where you can relax in the middle of the day in between dips, yet you can also go out and bask in the sun to warm up. Shade around the surrounds of your pool is also a must so that you can walk around in bare feet without worrying about the scorching heat. Tiles can heat up quickly if exposed to the constant sun.

A solid roof pergola provides a protected area for your towels, pool toys and lounge chairs. It would be a nuisance to have to pack away all of these items each time you 7finish using the pool, or when the cooler seasons come around. With a convenient pergola, you can protect these possessions all year round without having to worry about rain and sun damage. On top of this, pergolas are made to withstand the weather, rain or shine. This means that you don't have to worry about the proximity of your pergola to your pool. The odd splash will do nothing to dull one of these beautiful structures.

Alternatively, you might like to consider the possibility of building a pergola over a section of your pool itself so you can be shady while you swim. There are some creative design ideas out there that can enhance this design. For example, you could the edge of the pool that is sheltered by the pergola double as a bar which can be accessed from both in and out of the pool. The benefit of this is that it presents the best of both worlds. If you want sun, use the other half of the pool, but if you want shade, you won't have to get out.

A nice place to relax beside the pool is essential for families with younger children. As a pool owner, it is your responsibility to maintain pool safety at all times. A pergola that is directly next to your pool offers a clear line of sight to those who are playing or swimming. There are no walls or barriers that will block your vision. While pool fences are mostly designed to enhance safety, some can obscure visibility, and all it takes is to lose sight for a moment. Instead of watching your kids from the kitchen window, why not allow yourself some relaxation time under a pergola while still being confident that your children are safe?

So if you're splashing out on a deluxe pool, then it makes sense to add the finishing touch with a stunning pergola extension. Make the most of the Australian summer while also protecting you from the harsh summer sun. Visit JSM Carports and Verandahs at to discuss your elaborate pergolas plans in Adelaide with the bubbly team and your project will be up and running in no time.

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