Thursday, 23 July 2015

In Which Season Should You Sell in Sydney?

Traditionally, winters have been a notoriously unwise choice for putting a house up for sale in Sydney. The sky is a dull grey and the trees are stripped of their luscious leaves. Even floor to ceiling windows will let in very little light, giving the interior a cold or artificial feel. A little bit of drizzle is not only going to prevent you from showcasing any outdoor areas, but may even turn some unenthusiastic buyers away from the auction altogether. Yet it seems that in Sydney’s booming property market, even the greys of winter and not keeping buyers away.

In fact, in early July 2015, a record breaking winter weekend saw over 600 homes go under the hammer across Sydney. This is a comment both on the increase of winter sales, as well as the huge boom in general. This 600 figure would have been thought extremely high for spring of only three years ago. 

Sellers are looking to branch out to winter sales in an attempt to attract a greater number of crowds in a quieter market. In the spring months, the historically most popular selling time, it can be a challenge to lure buyers away from the hundreds of other auctions on the day. With sellers desperate to take advantage of the swelling of property value before it bursts, this is a competitive time and everyone is rushing to book up agents. 

Some industry veterans have suggested that with so much media hype around Sydney property, buyers and to an extent the general public are choosing to make a conscious effort to educate themselves about what is out there and what homes are worth. Old selling tactics like nice decorating and the weather outside are becoming less and less influential as buyers become savvier about orientation, space and the predicted growth of the area.

That being said, if you are thinking of selling in winter it is a good idea to quickly insert a number of evergreen or winter-flowering plants throughout the garden. Some greenery inside, as well as warm tones go a long way. Make use of a fireplace if you’ve got it, and go for the cosy factor that all Melburnians crave rather than the spring outdoors.

The question is, as spring rolls around this year, will the hiked priced continue to soar to ridiculous levels? Spring has traditionally been peak selling season. Agents recommend waiting for the bigger properties to really shine under the spring sun. Temperatures are warm without being hot, and it puts ideas in the minds of buyers about lazing outside and entertaining. New growth is also an instant boost to any garden or courtyard, and far more appealing than a bare or deciduous surrounding landscape.

The choice for sellers can go either way. There are plenty scrambling to take advantage of this price hike, but plenty are still clinging on to their homes, hoping to see the boom keep on climbing, and hoping to be rewarded for their patience. These home owners could be on to something. Reputable sources note that the serious increase in Chinese investment in Sydney and Melbourne is just getting started. Liberalisation of China’s capital markets is only set to see more and more foreign money coming to Australian shores. 

Some talk of bursting bubbles and others talk of a relatively small change of pace in the near future. Property is always a gamble, but there is no doubt that the upcoming spring season is set to break records left, right and centre. To put your suburban house up for sale in Sydney, take a look around the impressive Bid Rhino site at

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