Friday, 17 July 2015

Say No to Tile Coatings

If you have had a slip or a near miss accident on your floor surface then you may be tempted to just go with the first solution that comes along. New anti slip tile coating products are popular but they are far from the best thing for your floor’s condition. In fact, not only will they not last for more than a few years, but the peeling away of the coating will eventually present a tripping hazard.

 These kinds of coatings are also likely to be more expensive. Because they take a while to dry, they usually need to be applied by a professional applicator to ensure no one walks over the surface to damage the coating or fall over. It is a mystery why so many people insist on using these coating products while better alternatives exist and there are so many issues with them.

So, what is the alternative? Well, it is possible that many people have not heard of this treatment because they assume it is just the same as the coatings that exist. There are however several important differences. New treatments leave no residue on the surface of your floor. Instead of spreading a rubbery film over the surface that eventually wears down, chemical treatments have elements that react with the surface of the tile or floor, turning it from smooth to slightly grainier. Once the reaction is complete, they are then washed off entirely leaving you with a tile that is less slippery for good. There is no layer that will eventually wear away, and no long drying time; in fact you can walk on your floor immediately after.

The fact that this treatment is far more durable than rubbery films means that it is ideal for outdoor use as well as indoor. Anywhere that you worry about slipping can be covered in this miraculous solution. Popular outdoor uses might include under a verandah, along paved pathways that are exposed to the elements or have poor drainage, or underneath an outdoor kitchen where spills are common. Around the pool is also a very good idea, especially when it is regularly used by young children. Water feature surrounds as well as plain courtyard floors are also promising candidates which can be greatly improved with a quick non-slip treatment application.

Indoors, this treatment is the best one to improve friction without impacting the appearance. Other strategies to reduce slipperiness include laying rugs, however these need to be secured well. They can look stunning, but it takes time to find the exact right choice of colouring, pattern and shape that fits the space. Plus, buying Persian of Middle Eastern rugs can be very expensive.

If you are totally happy with the current appearance of your tiles but want to reduce the slip factor, then a quick three step anti-slip application is the one for you. Don’t be fooled by the sales pitch of a tile coating technician, because time will show you the error of your ways. In a single room this might not be such a drama to reapply after a few years, but reapplying an entire home or garden area after three years is unnecessary and excessively expensive. Furthermore, as it is a layer of film, it is likely to wear more in high traffic areas such as corridors compared to sitting areas. The result could be a blotchy surface texture, varying between glossy and matte.

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