Friday, 17 July 2015

Know more about how to take rides on a horse?

Horse ridding is the passion of every generation. Men or women they love to ride horse. Even if you go to ancient period people learn riding on horses. And now it is passion or else you could say that it is style to every girls and boy. So many schools are available for you which will give you horse riding lessons.

Horse Riding Lessons

Let’s discuss the necessary step which you need to follow while riding on horse:

  • At first you need to purchase all the necessary riding equipments. The first thing which you need to carry is a helmet. Your helmet should fit your head and you must feel comfortable while wearing helmet because you may distract your attention if your helmet will not be in perfect manner. Wearing helmets prevent you from serious injuries. You must have seen that all professional riders always wear helmet while riding horse. Beside helmet you need to get a pair of boots. Boots to help to protect your leg.
  • You need to take admission in any good school where you can get a proper instructor who will instruct you regarding horse riding lessons. You must listen to your instructor very carefully. You can also ask your instructor if you had any quarries in your mind. A good instructor will tell you everything about horse riding. The instructor will help you to know the every safety measure while riding. The instructor will also tell you about the area where you can ride. The instructor will never give you irrelevant information nor will overload you with useless information. 
  • Try to pick up tips on grooming and tacking your horse from your instructor. You must pay attention to your instructor about what he teaches on horse riding lessons. You need to observe what your instructor tells you regarding horse riding.
  • Instructor will also help you to know that how you can manage your horse. Instructor will let you know that animal can sense your body language. And horse can feel it if you tense up or when you become nervous. In the same way animal can feel your calmness. If you trust the horse not to hurt you it will also trust you as well. 
  • You also need to learn how to mount your horse. When your instructor holds the horse for you then only you should step onto the mounting block and place your left foot in the stirrup. Always remember that you need to mount on the left side of the horse. Then you need to hold on the front of the saddle and keep the reins in your hand. Then gently swing your right leg over the horse’s back. And also be careful that you must not hit the horse back with your leg as you go. Mounting horse could be a difficult task, so you must ask your instructor to help you. Don’t be confused because if you remain confused your horse will not be able to trust you. But if you be unconfused and focused then your horse will trust you and will rely on your direction.

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