Thursday, 15 May 2014

Accounting firms in Melbourne you can trust

Hiring a professional book keeper from an accounting firm in Melbourne is very important for your business' success. A book keeper is an integral part of any business as they can improve a business' cash flow management. If you are busy you may find yourself falling behind on invoices, forget to follow up customer payment and fall behind on paying your supplier; all things that could potentially end your business. A book keeper can keep up to date with following up customers, invoicing and on time payments for suppliers. They keep track of any information and documents that are needed to complete annual taxes.  This means that when tax time comes you will not have to wonder where all those receipts for bills are and trying to remember your expenses. Plus, employing a reputable book keep that works for the same accounting firm in Melbourne will make it easier to complete your taxes every year.
By hiring a book keep, you also ensure proper record keeping has been performed. This means that once audit time comes around, all the information you need is organised and ready to be accessed. Business planning is also made easy since your book keeper will have the necessary skills to be able to create and manage a business plan.
For your convenience, Lenton FM offers a whole range of book keeping services. They are able to set up clients' accounts with new cloud based software called Xero and also utilise MYOB. This type of software can very very confusing to use for those not familiar with accounting software.
LFM hires out their staff to be full time book keeper for their clients. However, if you would prefer to do your own book keeping, LFM can provide training to ensure the client is knowledgeable in areas such as payroll, GST, accounts, receivable and accounts payable. Their book keepers are also only a phone call away to assist if something goes wrong. LFM also provide routine checks on clients' data entry.
Allow a professional accounting firm in Melbourne, like Lenton Financial Management, to make book keeping a lot easier for your business.
Next time when you start a new business or are having problems with your book keeping duties, call Lenton Financial Management on 03 9854 6330.

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