Thursday, 29 May 2014

Why recycling with some skip bins in Adelaide is a good idea

Rather than taking you waste to the landfill, hire skips bins in Adelaide with an eco-friendly waste management company. Skip bins companies like Green Bins, have a strong focus on the environment and endeavour to recycle as much waste as possible.

Interestingly, if you recycle aluminium then 13,300 kwh of electricity will be save. Furthermore, turning old cans into new cans saves 95% of the energy needs to make new cans, and also 95% less air pollution is produced. Amazingly, one recycled aluminium can saves enough electricity to run a computer or a TV for three hours.

Recycling cans may not seem like much, but in reality it can be extremely beneficial for the environment. With bauxite ore, used to manufacture aluminium cans mined from the tropics, it can cause huge damage to tropical forests. By recycling cans, you can help save the tropical forests. In less than 60 days, recycled cans find themselves back on the supermarket shelves.

While Australia is beating the United Kingdom, France and Spain in can recycling rates, there is still room to improve. In 2010, Australian's recycled only 30.3% of steel cans and 67.4% of aluminium cans.

Australian's do have a good recycling rate, beating United Kingdom, France and Spain. Promisingly, counties all over the world are improving a lot with recycling. For example in 2002, Germany recycled 78% or their aluminium cans, while in 2010 they are now recycling 96%.

By recycling your waste rather than taking it to landfill, you will reduce the expense of running landfills, and hopefully in the long run get rid of them altogether. Landfills cost a lot of build and run, and once they are closed it costs a lot to rehabilitate. They are also unpleasant to live next to as they can pollute your home. Furthermore, as the materials break down in the landfill and are exposed to weather, the landfill begins to produce gas and leachate.

Instead of hurting the environment, make sure you do the right thing and invest in a waste management company that is environmentally friendly. A leading skip bins company in Adelaide is Green Bins, who can assist with your recycling. Call them on Green Bins on (08) 8280 3318.

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