Friday, 30 May 2014

Is it the tenants or the landlord’s responsibility to pay for an electrician in Melbourne?

Many tenants are unsure if it is their responsibility of the landlords to pay an electrician in Melbourne. This can be a tough question to be faced with, when you require immediate electrical work but can’t afford it. For tenant’s peace of mind, it is the landlord that has to pay for an electrician.

According to the Residential Tenancies Act 1997, the landlord has to ensure the rented accommodation is well maintained. The act declares that repairs and maintenance of all electrical appliances provided by the landlord are the responsibility of the landlord. It is the role of the landlord and the landlord’s agent, to work together to ensure they run safety checks on all appliances, at least every two years.   

A landlord has the responsibility to maintain two critical areas regarding electrical safety. These are the proper installation of new or replacement electrical appliance, plus the correct maintenance and use of existing appliances. If a landlord fails to meet these requirements,it could result in their tenant being injured or killed. Furthermore, serious damage could occur to the property.

Before re-letting the property, a landlord must check that all appliances are safe and any unsafe appliances are repaired or disposed of. Electrical appliances also must be cleaned regularly in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions. Tenants must ensure they are cleaning these appliances and are not letting dust build up on cooling fans and on heaters. Also landlords must inspect damage to plugs, leads and casings on appliances. If there is any damage, it must be repaired immediately as if not a fire could be caused. Lastly the landlord should record all safety checks and details of work carried out by a licensed electrician

While the landlord has many responsibilities, it is the tenant’s duty to report any appliance faults to the landlord or the landlord’s agent. If a tenant does not report these appliance faults and get injured, it is not the landlord’s fault, as they were never notified of the issue. Furthermore, if a landlord wants to complete an electricity safety check, the tenant must allow reasonable access. Tenants also should not install, remove or tamper with any electrical appliances without the permission of the landlord or agent. 

If electrical work does need to be performed, a landlord must ensure he employs a licensed electrician from Melbourne. When you need a reliable electrician in Melbourne, call Fuse Electrical on 1300 221 223.

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