Tuesday, 27 May 2014

How hiring a skip bin could improve recycling in Adelaide?

Did you know that is you hire a skip bin in Adelaide; you could be improving the rate of recycling. Reputable skip bin company, Green Bins, has come up By calling a skip bin company in Adelaide like Green Bins, By calling up at skip bin company Call up a skip bin company, such as Green Bins, to hear all about their recycling methods for their waste.

Lots of items that wind up in a skip bin can be recycled. One item that is 100% recyclable is paper. Paper comes in many forms including office paper, newspaper, cardboard, junk mail, magazines and phone books. With 90% of paper pulp made of wood and 35% from fallen trees, recycling paper makes a difference and saves a tree from being cut down. It is extremely important more than ever to recycle paper, with almost half of Australia's forests being cleared since European settlement. Staggeringly, it takes up to 24 trees to create one tonne of office paper. However, producing paper from recycled paper pulp uses 60-70% less energy and 55% less water than manufacturing from non-recycled pulp. Additionally, it also required approximately three cubic metres of landfill space to dispose of one tonne of paper.  

Not only is recycling paper good for tress but is also beneficial for the whole environment.  Recycled paper creates 74% less air pollution and 35% less water pollution. Plus, every tonne of recycled paper saves 2.5 barrels of oil. Overall, recycling paper to create one tonne of paper will also save thirteen trees.

If you have been thinking about hiring a skip bin in Adelaide but want a company that recycles, ring Green Bins. Green Bins is an environmentally friendly waste management company that utilises a range of recycling techniques. They also offer a variety of different sized bins to suit your unique requirements. Our experts suggest when selecting a bin size to always select a bigger bin than you think, if you aren't sure exactly how much waste your are disposing off.

If you are conscious of the environment and want an environmental friendly waste management company, call Green Bins on (08) 8280 3318. They are the experts in eco-friendly skip bin hire in Adelaide.

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