Thursday, 29 May 2014

How you can recycle your waste using Adelaide skip bins

Reducing waste by using the services of a skip bins company in Adelaide, can deliver some great benefits. Firstly, recycling conserves valuable natural resources, such as oil. By recycling plastic containers and bottles, oil consumption is reduces, as all plastics are oil based. Failure to recycle plastic, has the potential to increase the price of crude oil and make shopping more expensive.

Currently, South Australia has very impressive recycling rates. In fact, they are the highest recycling rates in Australia. According to the Advertiser, South Australians saved more than 2.55 million tonnes of rubbish from ending up in landfill. This huge feat equates to the energy and oil of 205,300 cars. Overall, each South Australian would recycle 1573 kg of waste per year. More than 13,700 tonnes of plastic was recovered from recycling in South Australia, from recycling plastic soft drink bottles. Knowing the right things to recycle can be complicated, which is why it is good to take advice from skip bin companies in Adelaide, like Green Bins. Green Bins can separate your waste after you have it in the skip bin and pick out your recyclables. This is especially important when it comes to glass. Glass bottles cannot be recycled if they have been mixed with other types of glass like light-bulbs, glass tableware and window glass. This is because ceramic contaminate glass and are very difficult to sort out. The most valuable glass to recycle is clear glass, while mixed colour glass is essentially worthless.

It's important to avoid having broken glass in your skip, as many recyclers have trouble working out where these shards of glass have come from. Glass that cannot be recycled includes windscreen glass, mirrors, glasses, oven proof glass, light globes and medical glass. To prepare glass for recycling, you need to remove lids or caps and rinse. Avoid including china, ceramics or stone with glass bottles and jars, as it can lead to the rejection of thousands of bottles and jars collected for recycling.

Next time you need advice on recycling, talk to a leading skip bins provider in Adelaide, like Green Bins. Contact them now on (08) 8280 3318. 

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