Thursday, 26 February 2015

A Guide To Choosing The Correct Upholstery Fabric:

Be it a sofa or a chair, or even the seat of your car or truck, upholstery fabric is on such thing that you can't neglect. While choosing any furniture of comfort, it is something you always look up to. If the upholstery of your sofa is not so good, you will always be hesitant to buy it, no matter how much the design or colour of furniture impress you, you just cannot neglect comfort. The pleasantness of sinking down in your office chair or sofa or car seat can't be overlooked at all. And therefore, a sound knowledge of upholstery is beneficial while buying furniture of any sort.

Types of Upholstery Fabrics: 
The class of these fabrics can be broadly divided into two sections: natural and synthetic.
  • Silk and Natural Leather belong to the class of natural fabrics. Silk is smooth and elegant, but isn't strong enough and is quite delicate. Natural leather is beautiful and durable and is used to cover couches and chairs. It can bear a large number of wear and tear. Leather is also quite easy to clean. One major drawback of leather upholstery is its cost. Natural leather is banned in some countries and is very expensive in some others. Synthetic leather is also quite expensive.
  • Vinyl is a good substitute to synthetic leather and is comparatively cheap.
  • Nylon and microfibers are some of other synthetic fabrics available, are quite strong and Eco friendly as they can be recycled. Microfiber is somewhat similar to velvet and requires less maintenance. It is cheap and durable. Microfibers are also easy to clean, but they get dusty very easily which is a drawback.
  • Canvas is a natural fiber and is very tough and is extensively used in making sport shoes.
Upholstery Fabric uses: 
Besides sofa and chairs, upholstery fabrics are used everywhere. Vehicle seats use upholstery fabrics. Artificial leather is preferred for this purpose. Floor matting also uses upholstery fabrics. Upholstery is very important part of marine construction. Upholstery used in ships has to be extremely durable and resistant to dampness and sunlight. Upholstery is largely used for commercial purposes. Many avenues have upholstered walls which look elegant. Hospitals, lobbies, offices require upholstery to beds, benches and office seats. At household level, dining chairs or sofas or armchairs use upholstery. Automobiles use upholstery for the seats and coaches. Truck and car seats use leather upholstery to make the journey even more pleasant.

Choosing the perfect Upholstery Fabric: 
Due to the large number of options available, choosing the correct fabric can get quite confusing at times. Here are a few tips:
  • Durability is the key point. If the furniture is going to be used roughly or heavily, the upholstery must be a synthetic one. Natural products like silk must be avoided.
  • Style: Different upholstery products come with different textures and shades. For example, leather has a raw texture and neutral colour, while silk doesn't. So choose accordingly!
  • The upholstery must be cost effective.
While buying any furniture, the properties of upholstery fabrics must be kept in mind. It is an integral part of our day to day life. It is a symbol of status, and means of comfort.

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