Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Bamboo Flooring in Adelaide – An Ideal Flooring Solution

Bamboo Flooring in Adelaide is the most preferred flooring for luxury condominiums and premium houses. Bamboo flooring is eco-friendly because the source is easily renewable. Bamboo doesn’t fall under the wood variety. Bamboo is actually from the grass variety and that is why it grows very quickly. Cork, Linoleum and reclaimed hardwood are some of the wooden options for wooden flooring which stand at a lesser preference to Bamboo. Bamboo gives numerous advantages when it comes to flooring. First of all it is very solid and durable and it can be engineered and coated with insect repelling coats, scraped by hand, dyed and polished easily. When it comes to affordability, bamboo also scores a positive being a low cost option. Bamboo flooring offers an exquisite look and improves the standards of housing to a different level altogether. Bamboo floors are very ideal for colder climates compared to other floors as they act as an insulator. With the progression in manufacturing technologies, bamboo floorings are ever stronger.

Maintenance Aspects emphasized by Bamboo Flooring in Adelaide: 
Bamboo floors must be taken care properly to maintain the look and nature of the material.
  • Wet mops are not to be used and even if water is used, it should be such that water is not logged at corners or at any patch on the floor.
  • Spillage of liquids is to be cleaned immediately. Usually, the floor doesn’t allow seepage of water as they are coated with multiple layers, but over time after continued usage it could happen so. Hence it is crucial that any liquid substances are not allowed to log on the floor
  • Bamboo flooring is made in such a way that it allows for expansion and contraction of itself with variation in climate. This is possible by adding an expansion joint which his commercially available, on all sides of the floor.
  • Always select the material with an assistance of flooring professional to get the right material. Bamboo Flooring in Adelaide offers suggestion and consultation for choice of floorings to suit your house
  • After few years of installation, regular examinations are to be done by flooring professionals and refurnishing if required.
Flooring options from Bamboo Flooring in Adelaide: 
Bamboo floorings exist either as solid-bamboo planks or engineered planks. Engineered bamboo flooring is faster and done by a floating floor method and is quite easy to install, whereas solid bamboo installation happens of the type similar to hardwood flooring with nails and staples which are less time consuming. Solid bamboo flooring however is physically stronger and more durable. Flat grain solid strip, Vertical grain solid strip and strand bamboo are the three types of solid bamboo. Bamboo flooring comes in more than fifty different colour options to choose from and also with different texture options.

Bamboo Flooring in Adelaide is hence widely desired among the people who want their house to display a classy environment with a rich and premium look. Being Eco-friendly compared to any other wooden flooring, this option is indeed a better choice. However, there are maintenance measures which need to be taken for long life of the flooring.

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