Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Walk Easy and Carefree: Anti Slip Treatment

An anti slip treatment prevents the flooring from being too slippery. It helps to avoid mishaps which otherwise could have been injurious to some people.

Why use an Anti Slip Treatment for your floors? 
How often has it happened to you that your legs slip while walking on a floor or a smooth surface? How often have you fallen down and hurt yourself for that matter have barely avoided an injury? Quite often, right?! What about bathrooms then? Much more often! And this has happened to almost all of us. Such incidents may lead to broken bones or even initiate a great accident, such as slipping and falling down from stairs or from some height. Keeping the floor less slippery and rough to some extent is an important step towards personal and public safety. Be it your home or an office or a commercial mall or supermarket, treating the floors to prevent slipping is a must.

How does an Anti Slip Treatment work? 
The primary cause of the slipperiness of tiles or floors is less coefficient of friction. Scientifically, the static coefficient of friction should be greater than 0.36 for safety measures. But many modern floor tiles don't satisfy these criteria.
  • An anti-slip treatment basically increases the coefficient of friction of the tiles.
  • It is basically a mixture of various chemicals and is transparent to avoid colour change of tiles.
  • These chemicals, when applied to the floor, react with silica present in the tiles and makes small indentations on the surface, which is not visible to the naked eye. It is this feature which makes the floor rough and safe to tread upon.
Choosing the correct Anti Slip Treatment: 
Anti Slip Treatment is great for safety, but also has some drawbacks to it. Let us therefore discuss some tips for making the right choice:
  • The product you choose must be reliable. Many brands promise their anti slip product to be great, but as a matter of fact, very few are reliable. Many of these wear off in a matter of a few months and therefore, aren't durable or long lasting. They are not cost effective either. So try to choose a durable product when making a choice.
  • Some of anti-slip products have issue of smell. They give off an unpleasant odour after application which might be nauseating. Therefore, make sure that the brand you choose has no such issues associated with it.
  • Make sure that your anti slip is easy to apply and doesn't require much effort or special equipment. Applying anti slip to your flooring may be a tiring thing to do and therefore, make a wise choice since there is a large area you need to apply anti slip to.
We all want our home or properties or offices to look beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. And no doubt, we spend loads of money on it. But many of us tend to overlook the necessity of an anti slip treatment, only to regret it later. Therefore, the best advice is to buy a good one and apply it while constructing your dream house or office.

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