Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Anti Slip Treatment: A Safety Mandate

Anti slip treatment of floors is a necessity to ensure safety of dwellers. Usually in big buildings like malls or apartments the floors are made polished to signify luxury. However on other hand those pose as dangerous points of incurring injury if not carefully walked upon. Further on applying water over it makes it extremely unsuitable for use. Anti slip of treatment is done by applying wax over the floor surface and thereby polishing it so increase the coefficient of static friction between floor surface and shoes. This is extremely important in places where people footsteps fall more. Further it is strongly recommended to avoid floor maintenance or cleaning when people are roaming across. This is necessary to maintain safety norms as people often get injured by slipping on floors.

About Anti slip treatment 
Floor slipping is a common event that people encounter quite often if not taken proper care while walking. It is quite prevalent on floors that are quite smooth and have polished surface. In some countries it is a part of the safety requirement to ensure that the floor surface is anti-slip in nature. Further with slippery floor surface people often encounter injuries that result in greater medical claims throughout the year.

Anti slip treatment is done by spraying some sort of powder and coating them with wax so that the surface friction increases to a great extent. Further floor polish is slightly avoided so that it does not get too much smooth enough for people inconvenience.

Anti-slip treatment tips for keeping floors safe
Anti slip for treatment requires experts’ advice. It is not something to be done by anyone and hence requires assistance of experienced personals. There are certain tips that are quite mandatory to follows for keeping floors safe and thereby to reduce chances of slipping on floors.
  • It is necessary to maintain that the floor maintenance activity never takes place in the presence of people as otherwise it may bring in unwanted trouble.
  • Be prompt at keeping floors clean upon finding spits, standing water and moisture on the surface. This is greatly necessary to reduce the extent of accidents that might result from such substances if left unnoticed.
  • Keeps cords or cables out of the floor surface as otherwise people may get trapped into such items and eventually face injuries. It is quite common in big malls where several machines run in different places.
  • One can consult a suitable floor specialist to ensure the floor safety so that people feel safe to walk on them without incurring any form of injury.
Choosing the right floor friction for anti slip treatment 
Floor friction is necessary to keep them normal and fit for walking on them. In this respect one can consult floor specialist and thereby choose the right friction parameter to make the floors suitable for normal transit. It is necessary to retain the pleasure of visiting any place without turning it into personal disaster caused by floor injuries from a slippery surface.

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