Monday, 23 February 2015

FileMaker Melbourne is the multi-faceted RDBMS

FileMaker Melbourne is an award winning relational database (RDBMS) application from the American firm, FileMaker Inc. The company that makes the software was formerly known as Claris, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Apple corporation.

The FileMaker Melbourne application integrates a regular database engine with a general user interface-based interface. This effectively enables users to alter the database by using a simple drag and drop tool to transfer new elements into layouts, screens, or even forms. The intuitive FileMaker makes it simple for users in Melbourne to create custom solutions for the management of personal or business information on multiple-platforms including iPads, iPhones, desktops and the World Wide Web. Millions of users around the world have adopted FileMaker to consolidate the way in which they are able to manage contacts, organize projects and even track their inventories.

The history of FileMaker Melbourne

Initially developed as a Window DOS application which went by the name, Nutshell, FileMaker evolved into the primary application for the Apple Macintosh. And since, 1992 it has been readily available for both Microsoft Windows and Apple’s Mac OS. It can also subsequently be used in a cross-platform environment, making it an extremely versatile application. The application is now available in multiple configurations which support desktops, servers, iOS and even web-delivery.

The original Nutshell application was developed in the early 1980s by Nashoba Systems located out of Concord, Massachusetts and was marketed and distributed by an electronics marketer known as Leading Edge. Leading Edge, coincidentally, was also the retailer of IBM’s first range of PC-compatible desktop computers.

Major Uses of FileMaker Melbourne

FileMaker is an extremely versatile application, and its cross-platform adaptability has made it one of the most successful software applications in the world, which is still being sold to this very day! The application is useful for consolidating the following major tasks:

•    Resource Scheduling; to manage various resources for projects including human resources as well as document product and customer related details.

•    Contacts; personal and business contact information management. This includes managing personnel contacts.

•    Asset management; to track office assets and other depreciable items in real time.

•    Project and event management; to organize project details and assign tasks, and also to manage and organize event details and other agendas.

The current iteration of FileMaker Melbourne is available in a multitude of languages including English, Mandarin, Dutch, French, Korean, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Swedish, and Portuguese. FileMaker is also available in language-specific options for its users in Central Europe, India and the Middle Eastern. These highly customized versions offer useful editing tools like spell check, data entry, sorting and organizing and printing options for languages in these regions.

More advanced versions of the FileMaker Melbourne software include scripting capabilities and numerous built-in functions which allow for the automation of common tasks and even complex calculations. In more recent versions of the FileMaker application users are endowed with the ability to connect to a number of SQL databases without having the need to use or even know how to use SQL, and encompasses applications like MySQL, and even Oracle.

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