Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Storage container available in a market for organizing products to keep it safe

About storage containers:
Storage containers are available in the market with different structures, material and in different dimensions. They are used to organize different types of product and keep the product safe for a long time. Products can be easily carried out in containers from one place to another without harming the product inside the container.

storage containers

Types of Storage container:
Shipping container: The shipping containers are used to transport the products from one part of the world to another part which is very long journey and in this journey containers protect them from getting spoiled or break. Shipping storage containers are also available in various types:

  • Dry storage container: This container is most commonly used which is available in different size such as 10ft, 20ft and 40ft. Dry material shipping is done by using this type of container.
  • Flat rack Container: It is used for shipping of goods which are wide in variety. It is used to make a flat rack with folding the sides of the container.
  • Open Top Container: Used for shipping material having more height.
  • Tunnel Container
  • Open side storage container
  • Double doors container
  • Refrigerated ISO containers
  • Insulated or thermal container
  • Tanks: Used to transport liquid material
  • Cargo storage roll container: Transport stacks or sets of material.
  • Half height container: Made of steel and transport stones and coal goods.
  • Car carriers: Used for car shipment
  • Intermediate bulk shift containers: The materials in large amount are handled by this container.
  • Drums: These containers are round in shape made by using material like fiber, steel, hard plastic, light, weight metals etc. They are used for transporting liquid material.
  • Special Purpose container: This is the special container used for shipping arson and weapons. The containers are manufactured by giving priority to security.
  • Swap bodies: This container is not according to ISO standard, but it has convertible top and a strong bottom so that can be used for shipping.
Food storage Containers: These containers are used to store food products by all human beings around the world to protect the food from the germs and bacteria. The food storage containers are widely available in different type of material. Categorized as:
  • Plastic container: The well known brands of plastic container used in the market are Lock&Lock and Tupper ware.
  • Metal container: This type of container is used to store the product which needs lot of protection such as biscuit tin.
  • Refrigerator: It is used to preserve the foodstuff in low temperature.
  • Disposable container: It is used for beverages.
Services provided by storage container:
Quick service of storage container is provided wherever you want and whatever your container requirement is like for local storage, shipping or for logistic. The containers are also available on rent in the market.

Online service is also available on various shopping sites. The process to order online is just to visit the online shopping site and select the storage container you want to buy. Payment can be done withj your credit or debit cards, or you can choose cash on delivery option. Ther container will be delivered to your house in working days.

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