Monday, 23 February 2015

Having All The Goods Go Through Customs Clearance Melbourne

Customs clearance Melbourne means a procedure required to be followed by an exporter or an importer in trading goods. When products and merchandise are being shipped in and out of the country trade is taking place. Every country has certain rules and regulations that are to be followed. This is because sometimes harmful substances are also smuggled into the country. These pose as danger to the local residents. Many a time’s customs clearances are established to avoid illegal sale of products. Illegal means not having a governmental permission for the sale of such products. Since every country has their own clearance procedures. Customs Clearance in Melbourne is also not far behind.

Importance of Customs Clearance Melbourne 

Customs means a set of rules and procedures. These are followed by traders who want to establish new markets in areas other than their own host country. This is important because
  • It helps regulate the import and export of products.
  • It helps keep a watch on illegal smuggling of drugs, alcohol etc.
  • Government rules and regulations are applied to products from different countries.
  • This ensures that taxes for such products are also collected because of the permission granted by the government.
Customs are cleared at the very site where it has been shipped. These are either airport centres or at ship docks. If a person has failed to get proper clearances from both the countries then the merchandise or the products are seized by the customs authority.

Application of Customs Clearance Melbourne 
In Melbourne Customs Clearance is applicable to all the goods. Depending upon the value and the nature of these goods customs duties and taxes are charged. Some of the following points can be considered as important in customs
  • Goods that are worth Australian Currency Denomination of 1000 have no duties and taxes payable upon them.
  • Goods that are worth more than 1000 AUD will require filling of forms and paying of duties, taxes and other charges.
  • Trade of goods like tobacco and alcohol, will have taxes and duties regardless of their value.
How does Customs Clearance Melbourne work? 
In the city Melbourne Customs Clearance requires permissions from both the traders. Proper documentation and paper work is required to be able to get clearances. A customs broker is the one who usually needs clearances since he/she is the one in the trade business. Sometimes getting things for personal use will also require permission depending upon the worth and the quantity of the product. Certain goods require special permits while some goods are not allowed to be brought into Melbourne. Security requires goods to be x-rayed and examined before they are allowed inside the country. This is applicable for agricultural products as well. The cost of clearance of duty, taxes and other charges are determined by the worth of the goods and how they have been shipped to Melbourne. First time traders or in-frequent importers and exporters are advice to use the services of a customs broker for clearance of the goods. By following proper rules and regulations goods can be shipped in and out of Melbourne easily.

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